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Saturday 27 February 2010

Warm and cozy

It's another cold and snowy day in Southern Ontario, but all is warm and cozy inside. We had a wood burning insert put into our fireplace back in September, and it has been wonderful. It's a good day for a fire, an olympic hockey game, (this from someone who ordinarily hates watching hockey), and making progress on one of the BOM's I'm doing. There are 4 of these basket blocks needed, and they are a bit of a challenge. The finished size of the block is 12 inches, and, since it is a five patch, which doesn't easily divide into 12, the measurements and sewing are tricky.
(Don't worry, Susan, we'll do this one when you are here this summer). So, I'm hoping to get the other 3 done today, and maybe sneak ahead into the next month. Nicole, Rebecca's Maid of Honour, is coming on Monday to get measured, so I have until then to play, before I have to get back into doing the dresses. Samantha hasn't been able to get over for a fitting yet, so I can't do anything more on the one that is almost done. I have cinnamon pastry coffee in my large thermos cup, Hillsong playing music, and my sewing machine calling my name, asking me to come back and play some more. I think I'l go play.

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