Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Life is Good

It's cold and snowy outside today. A perfect day to stay inside and do, wait for it............. more quilting and sewing. Yippee!!!! I have coffee, not flavoured though, I ran out, and that isn't enough incentive to go out in the cold and snow. Or, there are all kinds of teas that I got for Christmas, to keep me warm while I sew. There are places to visit, and people to talk to on the internet. Shannon, at The Pieceful Kwilter blog is hosting a spring block swap, that I've decided to participate in. I know, I know, I really don't need another project. But, it called my name, and I had to answer. It's to be the February block pattern from her BOM, all done in spring fabrics and colours, so it will be spring in my sewing room, if not outside. So, I think I will take a brief break from all that paper piecing, and play with some other fabric. I think I'm going to use the fabrics pictures here to do the blocks. The cream is to be the background, and the green is going in the same place as it is in my block here. The purple will be the star points, and the pink and yellow will be the rectangle under the star points. I'm going to fussy cut the seed packet fabric for the centre square of the block.  All of the large cactus units are done, and are waiting to be de-papered. (yuck). I have my February block finished, and did one of the same pattern for a charity quilt, which has to go to the post office so that it can go back to it's organizer, when the weather clears. Life doesn't get much better. The one thing that could make this day absolutely perfect, would be to have Susan, my BFF, who lives in Edmonton, here to sew and chat with me. But, that's not going to happen. But, with this wonderful tool of the internet, I can chat with her, and keep in touch, and rejoice in our friendship. The music is on, currently playing Christian contemporary Michael W. Smith, and I can sing along to my heart's content. Yep, life is good. Thank you Lord.


  1. oh i can't wait to see your blocks!

  2. Thanks for the uplifting post and reminder, life IS good. I'm passing on Shannon's block swap, too many irons in the fire so to speak right now. Yours are going to be lovely. I'm behind in my sewing with all the snow shoveling but it's all good. Have a great day.


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