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Friday 26 February 2010

Dressmaking, vs. quilting

My daughter and I finally got out earlier this week and picked out the contrast fabric for the bridesmaids' dresses, so I can now get seriously to work on them. I have the first one to the point of needing a fitting. I really hope that it fits, and doesn't need any ripping. Quilts are so much easier. they don't have to fit exactly to curves, don't have to have zippers, (I remembered today why I hate putting in zippers), don't have to have boning............. sigh. But, I volunteered for this, and they will be really nice when they are done. It's just getting there. Why is it, that I will sit for hours and hand applique, but dislike sitting for hours hemming a dress by hand? It's the same activity, same stitches, same needle and thread. Hmmmm... doesn't make sense to me. But, now that I can't go any further on the dress, I can go play with a quilt, and reward myself for being such a good girl. Oh yeah, I have to get those swap blocks packaged up and sent off, so I'd better go and do that. I'll post a pic of the dress as soon as I find the cables that I need.

 Found the cables. When all else fails, check the daughter's room, and there it was. She and I share the internet access on this computer, since our router quit working, and this one has a rogers stick. Most of the time it is OK to share with her, but there are times when things mysteriously vanish, and turn up in the black hole of her room. I can't complain too much, though, since my sewing room has a black hole of its own.


  1. The dress is beautiful-love the blue.

  2. LOL! And I'm sure complaining doesn't change much anyway! :)

    When I made my daughter's formal dresses for college, I enjoyed working with the boning ... does that make me a masochist? *grin*

    Have a great weekend. The dress is beautiful!


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