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Sunday 24 December 2023

Slow Sunday Stitching

 Our little Prayers and Squares quilting and knitting group has decided to do a UFO challenge next year. We are going to do it a bit differently than most and just choose 6 rather than the traditional 12 UFOs. We will work on each for 2 months rather than the traditional 1 month. My oldest UFO is My Tweets. I started it way back in 2011 as an appliqué block of the month designed by Erin Russek of One Piece at aTime blog. She doesn’t appear to be posting to her blog any more, which is a shame. Anyhow, I pulled out the box of pieces to assess exactly where I was and what is left. From what I can see I am working on the 10th block. I haven’t checked yet, but I am hoping that I printed out the patterns for the 11th and 12th because they don’t seem to be available any longer. If I didn’t I can probably improvise a couple of blocks of my own using elements from previous blocks which I’m pretty sure I still have. This is simple stitching which doesn’t take a lot of concentration, so it is suitable for working on in the evenings, as long as I have my good light and my magnifying glasses. It’s a busy and joyful time of year, so easy stitching is a good thing. All our gifts are wrapped. The menu for Christmas day is settled and the cooking assigned out so that one person isn’t doing all the work. I want to wish all of you who read here who celebrate this miracle of Christmas to have a joy filled Christmas and a happy New Year.

I’m linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching

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  1. I hope that you've had a wonderful day with family, and that the coming year will be filled with God's richest blessings!


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