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Monday, 30 March 2020

What I’m working on

I finished up the Kona Stars quilt last week. I have a backing all ready for it so as soon as the quilt on the long arm is finished, I can load this and get it quilted.


And since none of us are going anywhere any time soon, I decided to dig into my stash and start another quilt. Four or five years ago a friend and I did a swap of Disappearing Four Patches using large scale floral prints paired with Kona white fabric. This was the finished quilt.

If I remember correctly we swapped four blocks a month for ten months. That meant accumulating a fairly large selection of large scale floral fabrics that have been sitting in my stash ever since. So I did some searching through the block libraries in Electric Quilt 8 to see if I could find a block that would showcase the florals. I found a block called Tumbling Blocks Frame. The centre of this block is perfect for a large scale floral print. I’m doing the blocks to finish at 12 inches, so the centre square is a generous 6 inches which will showcase the fabrics quite nicely. I have five blocks finished and several more cut out and ready to go.

As I’m cutting for these I’m also cutting a 6 7/8 inch square for a future basket quilt using these florals. I think anything that is left is going to get pieced into backings.

In my wanderings around blog land this morning I came across this Stay at Home Round Robin. It looks like it would be fun. I can do the centre square using a 12 inch appliqué square that is already finished and waiting to go into something. I have tons of 1 1/2 inch strips that can quickly go into a piano key border for the first round.  And just maybe some of the large scale florals that I’m currently playing with can become the pinwheels for the second round. I dunno, I may just do this.......

I’m linking up to Design Wall Monday and Monday Makings.


  1. I love your Kona Stars quilt, so bright and cherfull!

  2. Your Kona Stars quilt is beautiful, and it brought some colorful hapiness to my day. Thank you! I love the new blocks you are working on. The florals are being showcased so well with the center blocks.


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