Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 6 August 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

My Slow Sunday Stitching continues to be occupied by preparing for the coming sew along. I now  have all the blocks for Leo’s Mane tested. I had to change out one of them, due to a construction issue. So, I have a final layout decision made. Here is the centre..... you’ve seen it quite a few times before.

Here are the border blocks.

Here is the final Electric quilt rendition of the quilt. I may need to play with my colours a bit. It’s currently looking maybe a bit too purple. In the last border block, I may switch out a couple of the purple shapes for some red. But in the meantime, this is the final layout. You can choose your own colours. This will finish at 60 inches square. It is all English Paper Pieced.

And finally. a close up of a quarter of the quilt.

The fabric allowance instructions, and introductory explanations will go out on August 15th. I’ll include a line drawing for colouring for helping to choose your colours. If anyone is interested in joining, this will be a free sew along. With the instructions for each section, I will also include pdf pages for you to print in order to cut your own papers. These papers will be provided free only to those who sign up for the sew along. Of course, you can purchase the papers in our store, if you’re not into  cutting your own. They will be listed there by the 15th.
Sign ups will be taken at eagleswingsquilts@icloud.com, or leave a comment here on the blog. Just make sure I can get in touch with you.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching and to Design Wall Monday.


  1. I agree..the outer border needs some red. Beautiful pattern! I hope lots of people join you for the sew along!

  2. This is an absolutely breathtaking design! I really don't know what else to say. It is amazing. Andrea

  3. Oh, it's looking wonderful! What size will it be?

  4. I am loving this--would love to join in for the sew-a-long--please sign me up!!

  5. This is an amazing design :)

  6. That's going to be a stunning quilt!

  7. I would love to join this sew along! Please put me on your list. The design is stunning! leslierozum@gmail.com

  8. I found your Page today and i like to join this sew along. Pleas put me in your list.
    This Quilt looks great.
    Greetings Martina


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