Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 6 January 2016

She’s here!!!

Abrielle Elizabeth arrived safely in this world at 3:25 am on January 5th. She gave us a bit of drama in the process of getting here, but Mommy and baby are fine. She’s perfect, and beautiful, but of course I’m a slightly biased Grammy. Matt’s Mom Nancy is here to visit for a couple of weeks and help out with the baby, and looking after Becca as well, who ended up having to have a c-section.... that was the drama part.  This is Abrielle all snuggled and sleeping comfortably in Nancy’s arms. And because there can never be enough baby pictures, here’s another one.
 And another of our beautiful daughter Becca and baby Abrielle. We’re so happy that she’s here! Oh, and that race between what would happen first, the baby arriving or the knitted blanket being finished...... the baby won by a landslide.


  1. Beautiful news, congratulations and best wishes.

  2. Congratulations! A beautiful, healthy baby is such a wonderful way to start off a new year!!

  3. What a blessing!!! She's a little beauty already - and perhaps a budding drama queen LOL!!! Congratulations to all :)

  4. Oh, she's beautiful!! What fun you'll have!!

  5. Cathy, my heart is just singing with joy for y'all!! She's just exquisite and I know how over the moon you must be!!!! :)


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