Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Saturday 17 October 2015

Sleep sac finished

And it is soooooooo cute. I originally bought this fabric before our grandson Avery was born. At the time, over four years ago now, the plan was for his nursery to decorated with a tropical fish type theme, and I thought this stuff would make a perfect sleeper for him to fit right in with the theme.
Four and a half years later and I think I might have run out of time to make a sleeper for him. However, fabric never goes bad or goes to waste. A little baby girl will like it just as well. As well as finishing this, I've put a few more stitches into the hat I was working on yesterday, and have it almost finished. Another half hour should do it, then I can start something else.


  1. That is darling. Where did you get the pattern, although looking at it I might be able to draw my own pattern if I know the length and width.


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