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Monday 28 September 2015

Design Wall Monday, Sept. 28, 2015

I've started another in what will probably be a series of modern type baby quilts. It's what our daughter has requested for their nursery. Rather than having her pick specific patterns and then fabrics to go with them, I'm working with the colours and theme that she wants and then she can pick her favourites. It's hard for non-quitters to see the vision of what the pattern and the fabrics will look like once together. So, rather than asking, I'm just doing them. One great thing about these modern quilts that have tons of background in them, is they sew up really quickly. I'm so used to doing small pieces and complex designs that this quick and easy thing is fun with almost instant gratification.
I just have three more coloured pieces to place into their surroundings and then can sew the whole thing together. It just might be the proverbial quilt-in-a-day. Actually, no it won't. There are borders to cut and assemble, and I don't think I'll manage to get those done today. So maybe it will be a quilt-in-two-days thing. This quilt, I should mention, is from the Quiltmaker magazine Jan/Feb 2014. It's called "Black Tie Affair", designed by Margie Ullery. The original quilt in the magazine was done all in blacks and whites, with just a smidge of grey. She has a website called ribboncandyquilts.com.
I'm going to link this up to Judy's Design Wall Monday


  1. LOVE your fabrics!!! It's good to see "traditional" quilters moving (even if only temporarily) to the "modern" side! Hope Becca loves this as much as I do!


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