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Sunday 27 September 2015

Sunday Stash and Stitching report, week 39

We were away for the weekend, visiting Avery for another camping sleepover. I had such a good time, I did very little stitching, and took only one picture. The rest of the time was spent playing and watching and laughing. And I have come to a momentous decision....... very little on earth feels better than holding a little boy's hand!  Although holding a newborn baby would be right up there, too. Anyway, that's slightly off topic.
What little bit of stitching that got done, was in the car on the way home. This rosette is ready for its stars. It's one of the last 5 or six that I have to do, depending on whether I do any extras.

Now, lets see, how can I say this in a way I haven't said before......... not much stash out, more stash added in..... how's that? But it's all for a good cause, the baby, as yet unknown whether boy or girl, due for our daughter in January.  She's doing a themed nursery decoration based on the saying "I love you to the moon and back". So there are stars and moons, to go with the grey/yellow/purple colours she wants. I have a couple more patterns picked out, so the numbers should change a bit, soon.

Used this week:                        .2 yards
Used this year:                      62.6 yards
Added this week:                       4 yards
Added this year:                 98.75 yards
Net stash added:                  35.15 yards

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  1. Soon you will have to build an addition on your living quarters to house your stash!!! I love this rosette! You need to teach me EPP>>>

  2. Wow your fussy cutting on the rosette is over the top! What a great theme for a baby's room. Looks like a great start with your fabrics.

  3. Gorgeous rosette neatly sewn. Coincidentally, you mentioned the moon on the evening of the super moon and eclipse.

  4. What a great nursery theme... so much creative potential for quilts!

  5. When I saw this rosette I thought you had used a lace fabric to do the edge. What fabulous fussy cutting, Cathy! That's going to be a darling baby quilt - unique.

  6. I love the lacy look of that block - very effective!


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