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Friday 31 July 2015

On my Needles, July 31, 2015

It has been ages since I did a post about knitting. Mostly because it's been ages since I did any knitting. However, while we were on vacation, I decided I needed something different to do, rather than continuing to work on La Passacaglia. I'd finished off the last of the large rosettes on it, and didn't really want to start the new small ones until I got it all up on the design wall and checked for colour balance. So, I'd packed some wool, and I'd packed some knitting needles, and decided to start on a project that I'd seen Judy make Pamuya, a lovely shawl. I've never made a shawl before, and never used a shawl, either. But I really liked that sampler stitch quality of Judy's finished project.  It sat in my Favourites on Ravelry ever since I saw it, while I dithered about whether to make it, or not. I finally purchased that pattern, and also one for a Cowl called That Nice Stitch, and took both with us on vacation. What finally made the decision was discovering that I hadn't brought the crochet hook I needed to do a provisional cast on for the cowl. I am really enjoying knitting this. There's enough  sameness about it to make the knitting easy, while the different stitches make it interesting to work on. I have two balls of this yarn, which should be plenty to get this done. When it gets done, well that's something else altogether. Although, there are some more long car rides coming up in the month of August, so it just might get done then. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the process. I'm linking up to Judy's On the Needles.

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  1. I went back to see what Judy's looked like, and yes, that is a beautiful pattern. Wonder what the yarn was that she used to make all those varied colors. Your yarn is very pretty too. Good luck on getting it finished sooner rather than later. I haven't tried knitting on a car trip yet, but there are not many of those in my life right now.


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