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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Big Pines Trail

Saturday, we took a drive into Algonquin Park to do one of the trails. One of the trails closest to us is the Big Pines Trail.

It meanders through a portion of the park, filled with enormous pines. This past of the park had been logged sometime in the past, but there were a few trees that the loggers missed. I got a few pictures of these huge trees, incuding one that had a bench built around the base. Scott decided to do a little batting practice with his walking stick. I found it really amazing how some of these trees were able to grow, given the conditions. the roots of this next one completely surrounded and grew over top of this large rock.

One of the bonuses of having to keep a close eye on the ground, besides the obvious one of not tripping on rocks or roots, is seeing the small beauties that manage to grow, even in the most unlikely places. I have no idea what these flowers are, but they sure were a pretty splash of colour on the forest floor.

Very close to the end of the trail, some thoughtful person placed a bench looking over a wonderful vista. The quiet was amazing. All we could hear were birds singing, and the breeze in the leaves.The photo doesn’t nearly do it justice. The depth and number of greens was amazing. Whoever said different greens don’t work together in quilts, never sat and looked out over a meadow and forest like this one.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to post this. We’ll need to make another trip to a WiFi spot. We have plans to do a drive around the country side on Tuesday. We just might stop at a quilt shop on the way in a little town called Combermere. It’s participating in the Row By Row Experience in Ontario. I’m trying to collect eight of the patterns and kits while we’re on vacation. It would be a fun moment of our vacation this summer.

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  1. Enjoying your vacation with you! It looks so green there. I'm forgetting what that looks like. Blessings, Cathy!


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