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Thursday 30 October 2014

Christine's Love Letter Quilt

How on earth did it get to be Thursday. Just 30 seconds ago, I was writing the design wall Monday post, or at least that's how it feels, and now it's Thursday. And not only Thursday, but the end of October, too. How did that happen? Time is going just way too fast.
I'm back at presenting customer quilts, again, although I'm still not caught up.
This is Christine's Love Letters quilt. The picture does not do it justice, at all. The quilt was made in lovely, soft neutral low volume colours. It was, unfortunately, quite a bright day when I took these photos, so the colour ended up washed out by the light. She used the envelope block to make this quilt, which is where the name came from. I believe it was intended as a wedding gift.

It was quilted using a pantograph called Wild at Heart. Seems appropriate for a wedding quilt, with lots and lots of hearts.

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