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Thursday 2 October 2014

Chris' Chevrons

Well, I must say that, although I love being able to take the trailer and run away to the peace and quiet of the trees every now and then, it plays havoc with my blogging. It seems that, once I skip a day, it's easier to skip the next. Of course, trying to catch up on all the stuff that needs to be done afte getting back probably adds to that. But anyway....... it's time to try again.
This is Chris' Chevron quilt. This was the first quilt I've done for her, and it was a pleasure to work on. The greens she used in this quilt are so soothing to the soul. As much as I love the bright and fun novelty quilts, I also love monochromatic colour schemes as well.
This quilt was a perfect opportunity to do my most favourite thing to quilt...... feathers. There are full feathers in the chevron areas, and then one sided arcs of feathers in the printed areas. And, of course, feathers in the border all around the quilt. I stitched in the ditch on either side of the dark green fabrics, and then left them to stand on their own and act as a border between the feathered areas of quilting.


  1. The quilting in this quilt is perfect. Love it along with the greens she used.

  2. I think that pattern is called Friendship Braid. The quilting is perfect for this quilt. I love the greens too.


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