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Saturday 5 April 2014

Purple Saturday

Well, I can't really say that today has gone even close to the way I planned. The plan was to get all kinds of blocks made for the scrappy Saturday challenge. The actuality was, taxes time. Shall we all give a great big YUCK!! Made even worse by the fact that we found out the hard way that there has been no income tax with held on some of DH's pension. So, instead of the refund we were expecting, came a bill instead. Not anywhere even close to the way I wanted this day to go. (insert big sigh here). I did some organizing and cutting of my purple fabrics last night, which was a good thing, or I wouldn't have gotten even this far today,
eight pairs of strip sets made for the smallest part of the triple four patches I've been making each month. But I'm so bummed out over the rotten tax situation, that I really don't feel like sewing any more. What I do feel like is going out and getting some comfort food.... chocolate cheesecake comes immediately to mind. However, I will behave, and stay home, and cut up these strips into the requisite pieces needed for the four patches..... not anywhere near as fun as chocolate cheesecake. I'm linking up to Angela's Parade of Purple and lots of fun stuff to look at.


  1. Nuts! I hope Sunday brings you cheer.

  2. Sounds miserable. I hope some stitching helps to cheer you up Those strip sets look fantastic - full of promise.

  3. Wonderful purples! Tax time! I haven't done mine yet but the paper is all collected. Another dirty job to tackle!

  4. Check out the Milk Calendar. There is a recipe for Cheesecake Swirl Brownies, I think it's in the center portion of the calendar. I made them on the weekend - yummy!!
    Bummer about the taxes. I expect the same thing when I get my stuff back from the accountant.

  5. Doing taxes stinks. Just saying. I love all your pretty purples!!!! :)

  6. Not fun news at all! I'd splurge and get the cheesecake.


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