Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Friday 4 April 2014

On my Needles....

Here is the Pinery Sweater that I've been working on forever, it seems. Of course, it didn't help that the tension was really off the first time I did it, so I ended up ripping it all out. I'm at the point of doing the shaping for the hips now, so it shouldn't be too much longer. It just might be ready for the first camping trip of the year next month. I'm also working on a new pair of socks, but I don't have a picture of those, just yet. I'm linking up to Judy's On the needles. And then, I just might sit and knit for a while.


  1. It's going to be worth every painful moment! Great color and beautiful pattern. Knit on!

  2. Your sweater is coming along beautifully!! Can't wait to see a finished pic! (Of you *in* it!) :)

  3. Great design on the sweater. Love the color too. It's good you have a goal of a camping trip to keep you going to get it finished.


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