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Monday 28 April 2014

Design wall Monday, April 28, 2014

 I've got Judy Martin's Three of a Kind up on the wall. I'm six blocks away from having all of the center ones done. I still need 34 of the outer squares, but I have most of them cut and ready to go. A few more weeks, and this one will be added to my done list. This is going to my May UFO, and I'll link this post up to the May goal setting party at The Lovely Year of Finishes when it goes live.
 My main focus for the past week, however, is getting this sampler quilt done. It isn't going to be displayed to anyone except us, since it is full of trials of new techniques for me. This one to the left is a trial of a background fill.
 And to the right are some more background fill trials.
 I started off doing these large green triangles with curved crass hatching. I finally figured out how to get the ruler orientated properly in order to get the curves to cross properly. So, I thought I'd try some other fills in the last two. This one to the left is interwoven triangles.
And this one has some curves and straight lines and interwoven triangles all in the same place. I've gotten to the point where this quilt needed to come off the machine and be turned to make it easier to do the other 2 sides. It's going to be set aside for a while, so I can get back to doing some of the customer quilts I have waiting in line. I had scheduled this one of mine in, so I'm not too far behind. I'm linking this post up to Judy's Design Wall Monday.
After I post this, I have a round robin to work on. There are four of us working on projects from each other. We are taking pictures of the projects as they come to us and again when we are done with them. We are going to get together sometime in June, I think, for a reveal party to each other. After that, each of us will share our final results, and a little bit about each others' on our blogs. I'm working on Jacqui's this month. Last month I had Gail's and next month I get Christine's. So, I'd better get this posted and get to work on Jacqui's project, if it is going to be done before the next guild meeting.


  1. Nice full design wall, there! Your practicing is very interesting too!

  2. Your Three Of a Kind quilt is going to be wonderful. It sure plays tricks with the eye. I need to practice my machine quilting, too. Good idea to make a sampler to use for this.


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