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Thursday 7 November 2013

Customer Quilts.

 I've had three customer quilts go home this past week. Two for Charlene and one for Amalia.
This first one here is Charlene's. It's a pattern by Edyta Sitar, and is done completely with 1 1/2 inch strip scraps. Charlene never lets anything get away from her.
 I used a very simple Square Spiral pattern by Keryn Emmersen for this quilt. The diagonal lines complement all the horizontal and vertical lines in the piecing, with some gradual curves as well. I love the texture the quilting adds to all the fun fabrics in this piece.
 And, as I said I would try to do more often, here's a glimpse of the back.
 This quilt is Charlene's as well. It's a complete departure from the scrappy one above. This one is calm and toned down, and reminds me of a good cup of coffee. I found a really fun new pattern on the Digitech Designs website called Modern Bricks by Krista Withers. I think it fits the modern design of this quilt perfectly.
 Here's a close up of the front.
 And the back. I off set the pattern by one quarter for each row. I love all the movement in this design.
 This quilt is Amalia's, a string pieced Lemoyne Star. A couple of weeks ago I was reading Vicki's blog post here, and she was talking about doing a quilting design where she could do the border at the same time as the rest of the quilt. A bell went off in my head, and I thought, I have got to try this. And when Amalia's quilt came up, it was a perfect opportunity to try this technique.
 I did continuous curves in the star points and the background squares. While browsing through one of Darlene Epp's resource books, I came across a design she called iron fence. When I saw that one, it was a perfect choice to adapt for this technique, since the point of the border design meets up with the pint of the piecing. My original plan for the quilting did not include the swirl in the background squares, but when I saw the swirl in the border design, it was a natural progression to put one in the background squares.
This one was a lot of fun to do, and I learned something new in the process. Have I mentioned lately, that I love what I do? Thanks ladies.


  1. That string star is my favorite. Glad you like your job.

  2. Each of those quilts is gorgeous, and your quilting choices for each of them suits them so well!


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