Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Thursday 11 July 2013

Sneak peak

I'm working on Gail's Swoon quilt. She wanted an all over feather meander. After a few false starts, due to a thread colour change and a bit of ripping, here's what it looks like, so far. She's used a lot of fun and bright fabrics and it is a lot of fun to work on this one. 


  1. Wow! Your quilting looks fantastic! I want to learn to do this!

  2. Really lovely quilting! How do you load your quilts?

  3. Good choice for Swoon. I'm looking forward to seeing Gail's quilt when its done. I've done the Swoon pattern--I think it is a great pattern.

  4. I'm finally getting around to cutting my fabrics for the 2 Swoon quilts that I'm doing - and one of them is very similar to Gail's! I can't put the pics up yet though, because one is a challenge quilt (and the more important one, so it will get done sooner), but I'm thinking that I should have pics in a few weeks. I LOVE your quilting!


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