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Saturday 27 July 2013

Saturday Sewing

It's been a lovely day for staying indoors and sewing. It's been rainy and damp, a perfect day for leisurely sewing. I finally have a finish. The 36 patch quilt now has all its borders on and is ready to go into the line-up for quilting.
It feels so good to finally have something finished. I've been bouncing around from one project to another lately, and I would so much like to get more focused and get more things to the finish stage. So, after this one, I think I will focus on Meteor Shower and work on it until it is done. I love starting new projects, but I am starting to get overwhelmed by all the unfinished ones hanging around here, so I'll try to concentrate on at least one more finish, before starting anything else. Angie, who blogs at Quilting on the Crescent, is having a celebrate sewing linky party, in honour of a special lady named Anne, who ended up being the patron saint of sewers and seamstresses. I didn't even know there was such a thing. So, I think I'll link up there, and join the party.


  1. The checkerboard border finishes off this quilt quite nicely!

  2. This is such a classic quilt...I love it!

  3. This looks so cool and summery - refreshing!


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