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Saturday 3 November 2012

Saturday news

Matt and his cousin Seth came to the house today to do some repair work today. the area under our kitchen window was open to the outdoors.  That area from the door where it juts out, all the way over to the side of the house. It originally had particle board under there, that had rotted out. 
Consequently, it has also been open to mice. (yuck!!!). So they came today and sealed up that open area, and then got most of the front porch re-floored as well. What a relief to finally have that done. The warmth in the kitchen is noticeable already. The floor in there has been cold for years, and it is cold no longer. Woohoo!! They are such great guys, to help us this way.

I had planned on sewing all day while they worked, but I ended up babysitting Seth's son Noah, instead. He is such a sweet boy. Very active, and very talkative, and his favourite word is "why". But he is obedient, listens when asked to do something, or not touch something. I had a great time with him today. It's been a long time since I had an excuse to read The Cat In The Hat. I wish I had thought to get a picture of him. Seth and Noah were here until about 5 pm, when they had to head back home, but Matt stayed later, until it got too dark to work safely. So, I did get some sewing time in. I worked on the last 2 weeks' worth of Grandmother's Choice blocks. they are done, and the sashings added to them.
I'm not quite caught up with these squares. I've skipped one that was a rerun variation of one of the other squares. The square on the left that I did today was supposed to be an American flag, although I didn't have any star fabrics. But I'm thinking of substituting in a Canadian flag block, if I can find one that fits. And that's it for today.


  1. Nice job on the porch! Yay!! Bummer ... is there really nothing with stars in it in our fabric line?? I was sure there was! Your two blocks look great! Perhaps this week I'll get a couple done?! *sigh* :)

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  3. A Canadian flag block would be great. Make the quilt your own. Glad your feet are warm now. It always feels nice to have something done around the house.

  4. Hooray for warm kitchen floors and the men that make it happen!! and 3 cheers for excuses to read "The Cat in the Hat"!
    I have fabric with Canadian flags on it, but they're flapping in the breeze-type flags, not nice and straight... but if that works for you, you can have some of it (I probably have 2 meters that I was planning to use for a Quilts of Valor quilt) - let me know if you'd like some. Hope you'll do okay on Tuesday!


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