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Friday, 9 November 2012

Finish it friday

I have 3 finishes this week, which actually sounds better than it really is. I did indeed get Becca's cold, (thanks for sharing that, sweetie), and it has knocked me off my feet for the past 4 days. However, while surfing around blogland yesterday, I came upon this post from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville, giving information about a quilt drive for survivors of hurricane Sandy. I have had 3 quilts sitting on a shelf in the cupboard for the last 2 or 3 years almost finished. Two of them had the binding sewn on, but needed the binding turned and sewn to the other side. The third needed to have the binding completely put on.
The first one is a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Bricks and Stepping Stones.
The second is a half hexagon.
The third is a Kansas Troubles or Delectable Mountains, variation. I'm going to get labels put on them, and then hopefully have time to get them shipped off, if not today, then Monday.  I'm linking up to Amandajean's Finish it up Friday .


  1. Very nice, Cathy!! And what beautiful quilts all three of them are!! I love the last one, in particular. It's really gorgeous! :)

  2. Oh no, not a cold! Hope you feel better soon. Great finishes for such a great cause.

  3. Get feeling better. Good for you to find some quilts to finish and give. I am making a few blocks for one of the drives.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Avery and I have been sick for at least 10 days now. The doctor says I have bronchitis.
    What a great idea to donate those quilts. I know the people will appreciate them and cherish them always.

  5. These are gorgeous quilts! They will be cherished by the recipients!!

  6. AMazing finishes! Love the bricks the most...a great scrappy quilt!

  7. With all my traveling lately I have missed so much of the U.S. news. I know about hurricane Sandy but have only heard a little bit about the havoc...not being covered so much anymore I guess in Europe. Your quilts are very bright and hopeful...just what so many need right now!

  8. They're all beautiful, and very much needed - thank you for donating them!
    I don't have any quilts layered yet, but I made, and sent 12 blocks for someone to use in a quilt or two...


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