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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday August 24

I've made a small amount of progress in my active projects. I have more of the July My Tweets prepped and glue basted down. Unfortunately, I'm really starting to notice difficulties doing these blocks, and the tiny stitching due to the advancing of my cataracts. I can't work on them at work on my breaks any more, since I can't see well enough to do them. I'm going to have to dig out my magnifier that hangs around my neck and hope that makes a difference. I don't get to see the specialist about them until the end of September, and that is only the consultation appointment. (sigh)

Roll Roll Cotton Boll is still on step 3, but I'm up to 274  of the red/cream half square triangles.

Rose Log Cabin has had a little bit done on it, but not enough to photograph.

Shakespeare in the Park is one third of the way quilted, so there was good progress on that this past week.

No progress on any of the other WIP's hanging around. But, I'm hoping to get lots done today and tomorrow, on the Roses and on Shakespeare. I've had to move my big lamp that has a magnifier on it up to my sewing room. I find that if I put it right by my machine, with the magnifier in front of the needle area, I can see much better. This will be the modus operandi until the cataracts can be fixed. I'm linking up to the blog Freshly Pieced which hosts the linky party for Work in Progress Wednesday. Check out other WIP lists.


  1. Beautiful applique! Here's hoping you can get the cataracts fixed soon and be even more productive. My dad had that done recently and is thrilled with the results.

  2. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to see clearly and not be able to do anything about it. Hopefully they will get fixed soon - would they do just one at a time?

  3. I am certain that once you have the surgery you will be going at full speed again on all your projects, wonderful that you have figured out some work arounds until then.


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