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Monday 15 August 2011

Design Wall Monday August 15

As you can see, I've made some progress on the Rose Log Cabin. I first saw this pattern quite a few years ago on the APQS forums as designed by a very talented lady named Deloa Jones. I fell in love at first sight, but never did anything about it, until I finally ordered the pattern a month or 2 ago. I worked on it for quite a while yesterday, and the blocks are now more than half done. I'm really, really liking it.
There's not a whole lot more new here, and I have to run and get  DH back to work, so that I can get to work this afternoon. To see more design walls, check out  Patchwork Times where there is always lots to see.


  1. Deloa came to do a couple of programs here in Baton ROuge 2 years back and when I saw this quilt I felt the same way you do. Love at first sight! It was awesome!

    glen: on my to do list for the next hundred years! LOL.

  2. I love that quilt design. I saw Deloa's quilt in person way back in 2005 when I first bought my longarm. That quilt is on my "want to make" list as well. Yours is beautiful!

  3. I love it and as you make progress and reveal the pattern it just keeps getting better and better!


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