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Wednesday 20 July 2011

When all else fails, read the instructions, again

I've done it again. Gotten all enthused about a new project, and dived right in. I've been cutting and sewing up a storm on the Rose Log Cabin quilt. It needs 36 of the rose blocks, and I have half of the done to the point of putting the last 2 logs, that represent the leaves onto them. However, there is something wrong here, they don't fit. I looked, and looked and looked again at the pattern, and was coming to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the cutting instructions, when, in frustration, I looked one more time. And that's when I found the goof.  The light logs that frame the rose come in 2 different sizes. The ones that are on there right now were cut at 1.5 inches. They are supposed to be 1 inch. The last of the light logs that go on after the green logs are the ones that are 1.5 inches. Groan!!!!!!! So all of the squares I have done have to be ripped back to the round with the first of the light logs, which I can then trim down to the right size. And all this was after I had cut a bunch of the green logs the wrong size, 7" instead of      7 1/2". Then, I went and cut too many of the 7 1/2" green logs, which meant I ran out of dark green fabric for the rest of the 9" dark green logs. That means I have to go out and purchase some more dark green fabric to finish them. That's a fun part, at least. Something tells me I should just give up and try again another day. But, no way, I'm determined to get this one on it's way and working, because I just love the way it looks when it is finished. But, needless to say, I am not a happy quilter at the moment. 4 blocks ripped out and trimmed, 32 more to go. (sigh)


  1. I feel for you...I have learned my lesson and I try to make just 1 or 2 blocks first to see how things work out before cutting everything. Oh well at least you get to buy more fabric!

  2. One step forward and twenty two backwards. I'm a "jump-in" gal too. You'd think we'd learn! Thanks for the whole story and good luck!

  3. You're supposed to make a sample block first? I don't remember anyone telling me that... LOL


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