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Tuesday 28 June 2011

New favourite tool

I have a new favourite tool. A metal magnetic pin bowl. I am terrible for constantly knocking my pin container off whatever surface it happens to be sitting on.  I saw one of these advertised, thought it a great idea, and promptly ordered one. If I knock it off now, no problems, the pins stay right in the bowl, instead of scattered all over my flour. Not only that, but the pins line up in a lovely circle around the edge of the bowl that make it simple for grabbing one at a time.  What I didn't count on was an added bonus. The rails of my quilting machine are metal. I can put my bowl of pins on the rail, and it stays put. Woohoo!! Makes loading quilts ever so much easier.
On a separate note, I leaned a rather hard lesson yesterday - never ignore internal promptings to do something. I had been off work on vacation for 11 days, and several times during that period I had thought that I should go in to work and check and see if the new schedules were out, and put in my availability. I ignored it, thinking that when I went in Monday, yesterday, it would be time enough. WRONG!! I checked the schedule when I got there, and it had been filled in for me, and sent down to staffing, at which point no changes are allowed. So there are now more shifts filled in than I usually do, on days that I didn't want to work. Needless to say, I'm rather upset with myself. On the good side......... the pay checks will be good. I normally only do 6   8 hour shifts in a 2 week period. There are 8 1/2 shifts in one of the 2 week periods that are booked for me. The other 2 week period has 6 and the other has 7. This could be very interesting. Maybe I can add the extra shift funds into my trailer savings fund.........................??????

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