Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Play time

Yesterday was my birthday. I don't normally pay attention to it, and didn't get to do much about it, since I had to work. I try, on the whole, not to think about them much, 'cause the big 60 is coming up in 3 years. I've been saying, for quite awhile now, that I have 4 years to go before I can retire. But , Scott pointed out to me yesterday, that it's only 3 years to go. Woohoo. That made me feel a lot better. But, it's a good excuse, as if I need one, to sit and play with fabric. I've set aside "Double Duty" for awhile, to work on the Nine Patch Pineapple quilt-a-long, posted about here I think I'm liking it a lot. Becca and Matt might be coming over later this evening, but until then, I think I'll sew pineapple pieces.


  1. Happy Birth-yesterday. I hope it was a fabulous day and I wish you an awesome year. Look out retirement, here she's on her way!

  2. Well happy birthday to you !!! Hope you had a fun time playing!!


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