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Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's all Diane's fault

I went over to Len's Mills, a large fabric store and outlet. I went to get some boning to finish off the bridesmaids' dresses. That's all I went in for. But, I've been watching Diane's One block wonder journey

and badly wanting to start one of my own. They look sooooooo pretty, and, after ordering and reading the book, not all that difficult to do. The last few times I've been in Len's Mills, there has been this fabric that I fell in love with, but managed to resist buying. My resistance was weak today, and it talked me into taking it home. Diane's voice was in my ear saying, "this would be a cool fabric for a One Block Wonder", and she talked me into it, so, you see, it's all Diane's fault. (giggle) It is going to be  a challenge when it comes to arranging the whole thing. I probably should have started with an easier fabric. The book recommends fabric with no more than 3 colours, and this one has 4, if you don't count the black. But, it is just sooooo pretty. I bought enough to be able to do a border of it as well as piecing. All the strips are cut, and all the triangles are cut, so now all I have to do is sew. I have to work 3-11 this weekend, so I'm thinking I'll take the hand sewing on the dresses to work with me, and I'll play with this quilt before going in to work. Samantha's dress is 90% done, and would have been completely done, except, when she tries it on a week ago, it needed to be taken in at the sides, so I took it in. Then, she tried it on last night, and it ended up that I had to take out what I took in. I'm not sure how I messed that up. Andrea's is at least 50% done, and is ready for another fitting. Nicole's is 25% done, and I still have 5 weeks left. No problem. (help)

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  1. OHMYGosh! That is going to be stunning!!!! I love it already!!! I will take all the blame for your having to make this quilt!! :)
    I think the extra color and black in the fabric is good-look at all the different hexi's your getting...I'll bet you'll have many option's when it comes time to arranging them in a design.
    too Kewl!!!


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