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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Done, done, done

The dresses are done, 100% complete. See me doing a happy dance around the room. WOOHOO!!!!! The napkins are done, 80 of them. Becca helped, which is a really good thing. And I must confess to getting awfully tired of that particular shade of blue. But, they are so pretty. They look much better on, than hanging up, of course. The chair flowers are almost done. I would have gotten them finished yesterday, but I ran out of ribbon, and discovered that the new stuff I bought was the wrong size, so back to Michael's craft store I go today.  The alterations on my dress are done. And, other than packaging the fudge up for the favours, everything is done, with 2 weeks to spare. WOW. So, the only major thing we have left to do for this wedding, is figuring out timelines, and who is doing what and when. Oh, and I forgot the programs have yet to be done, printed and assembled,but Becca is doing those, so they don't really count on my to do list. Other than, I'll end up helping with the assembly. After this weekend, I'm officially on holidays for around 3 weeks, maybe more. And best of all, Susan arrives from the Edmonton area in 12 days. See me doing another happy dance around the room. A wedding and seeing my best friend all at the same time, ah, bliss. Becca has her last fitting this afternoon, at 2, so, I think I'm going to use the time before leaving to sew some more of OBW together. 4 rows done,  17 to go.


  1. I'm so happy for you-you can relax and enjoy---the dresses are beautiful!

  2. They're truly beautiful! Wow, I guess the wedding was yesterday! Congratulations!


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