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Sunday 28 March 2021

Slow Stitching

 I am so enjoying this slow stitching time. I continue to have 3 projects going. They aren’t in constant rotation since 2 of the projects are stitch along style where a small portion of the design is given weekly. The majority of my time is going into the Oh Canada Sampler designed by Victoria Samplers. I’ve made good progress on it this past week, although the satin stitch stars gave me some headaches and had to be ripped out numerous times before I got the spacing correct. Now that it is figured out the stars are going quickly. This piece just might be done by this time next week. The stars are row 13 out of 15. I have two more samplers here with fabrics and threads ready to start once this one is finished. 

My second project is also from the Victoria Sampler folks. It’s a free stitch along for a monthly calendar representation. A section of each monthly design is released weekly on Fridays.

And then there is a weekly stitch along put out by the Peppermint Purple website. Each week presents a new square or rectangle with blackwork geometric designs. These are released every Wednesday. I haven’t done this week’s yet. They are relatively quick and easy to do.

I picked up the frames for my finished pieces yesterday. I watched a youtube video on how to lace the finished stitcheries in order to get them stretched and centred onto the backing boards. Now all I need is to get the loose threads trimmed from the backs and I can get started on that. I have to finish the beading on the Family sampler before I can frame it though. Maybe I should get those beads sewn on today. Then when the the mood and the courage strike, I can get it framed.

I’m going to link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. I love the colours that you've chosen for the PP SAL! I've only got the first block done, and hope to get #2 and maybe #3 done today. Your Canada sampler looks more lovely every time I see it - and it's so close to being done! Looking forward to seeing it framed!

  2. All three embroideries are exquisite! Amazing stitching, amazing detail!


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