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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Slow Stitching

 I continue to do exclusively hand work these days. My sewing machines and most of my fabrics are all packed away waiting to be moved to wherever it is that we end up. The search for a house that is suitable for all of us for an affordable price up in the very expensive region of Muskoka continues. There was one that was really good for the inside area, but the outside was too small. Very small narrow driveway with no parking allowed on the street, so that one got nixed. I’m confident something will come up. In the meantime, I continue to do cross stitch projects that will get framed and hung on the walls of wherever we end up.

I finished part 5 of the Mandala Millefiori from Peppermint Purple. Part 6 will be released on Monday. It will go in the bottom right of the piece. 

I joined the Peppermint Purple Facebook page because there was talk of a year long sew along which I was curious about. Dangerous, I know. Well once I saw it, I had to join in. There is a new square or rectangle released every Wednesday. I spent yesterday doing the first 9. It is such an enjoyable process. Almost like instant gratification for stitchers. The are choices for different borders to go around the whole thing. I have one of them that I really like but I’ll wait for a while and get more of the squares done before I make a decision.

And then there is the wonderful Family Sampler from Victoria Samplers. It is such a fun and challenging project to do. Every row has new and different stitches. I have a hard time putting it down. Here’s this week’s progress. And a picture of the whole thing so far. I had to set it aside for a bit while I did some thinking. The next row of text on the pattern shows the names of the families, so it would be my maiden name and my married name. However, I don’t have fond memories at all of my childhood, so I don’t particularly want that name front and centre all the time. Plus I wanted it to be a bit more generic for if it eventually gets passed down to other family members. So instead I did some searching in the scriptures for a verse that speaks to family and the Lord’s blessings. I found a perfect reflection of that in Psalm 103:17-18. So that scripture reference is going to go in the place of the names. This is so close to being finished. I will work on it today.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. You have some lovely projects on the go. You will have lots of projects to hang when you eventually find your new home.

  2. Hi,
    Beautiful stitching..Your Family Sampler is
    gorgeous. Have a great day!

  3. Gorgeous stitches!! I hope you find a home soon!

  4. Lots of lovely cross stitch! Psalm 103: 17-18 are lovely verses. They will be a lovely reminder to reflect upon. I hope you find 'the' house very soon.

  5. Good luck with the house hunt. Saw 61 houses before we found this one, waiting to find one that accomdate all your needs is good, finding one that covers the wants a cherry on top!

  6. House hunting can be stressful, hopefully the perfect one will show up soon. Love your family sampler.

  7. Some days, reading blog posts can be dangerous - 'cause now I want to sign up for the Peppermint Purple SAL! It looks easy enough to do, and not too difficult to catch up. Hmmm, do I really need to get 6 hours of sleep EVERY night? ;-) And your family sampler - absolutely beautiful!

  8. Wonderful embroidery, the Victorian Sampler is coming along so well.


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