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Wednesday 29 April 2020

A finish....

According to this blog, I started the Stay at Home Round Robin at the end of March when I first saw the posting about it. I put the final border onto it on Tuesday. I think this is probably the fastest that I have ever made a bed sized quilt. It measures 75 x 75 inches.

All fabric used in it came from my stash. Some of it has been residing there for many many years. After finishing the last border I went looking for backing fabrics that fit the mood of the top. I found these two fabrics. I had enough of them to make the backing. The floral fabric has a copyright date of 2005 on the selvage. I suspect the one with the butterflies is even older than that. I’m so glad that fabric doesn’t have an expiration date. The long arm machine is currently without a quilt on it, so I’ll load this one today and get a start on it.
I’m linking up with Mid Week Makers and the Canadian Needle and Thread Network WIP Wednesday. I just discovered that the link to  the blog actually hosting the Round Robin is still live so I’ll link there too. Quilting Gail.


  1. That looks fantastic! I, too, did just a few stars in the corners. The quilt had enough otherwise. I'm showing them off on Mon, 5-4.

  2. Congrats on your finish. Nice quilt top.


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