Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 12 November 2017

Slow Sunday Unstitching......

Winnie the Pooh has a saying when things go wrong..... “Oh bother.....” I was happily sewing along yesterday, making more parts for the fourth border for Leo’s Mane. I’m doing this border a bit differently than the others. Rather than making all the different elements first and then sewing them together, I’m making the elements and then attaching  them into the long border as I go. Gail, aka The Cozy Quilter, and I were having a virtual sewing hour together via FaceTime. Just before signing off, she asked me to show her what I’d accomplished. She very kindly pointed out the sewing snafu which was the cause of my “oh bother”. It may even have caused me to say some words that sound very like Pooh’s name, with the “h” replaced with a “p”. There may have been even a few variations on that same word.....

The blue/gold star unit on the left end is turned wrong. It was completely sewn into place.
When I’m English Paper Piecing and I come to intersections between one piece and another  that need to be turned, I always take a few extra stitches at said intersections so that they are nice and strong and will not come apart and will hold up to the stress of much manipulation. That’s all wonderful until said pieces need to be ripped apart without damaging them.
So, instead of starting my Slow Sunday Stitching day with comfortable relaxing stitching, it will be started with unstitching, neither comfortable nor relaxing........ sigh........

My handy dandy goose necked Ott floor light that is in permanent residence beside my stitching chair will come in very handy as I cut loose all those neat and tiny stitches. I can bend it so that the light is just inches above the piece I am working on. So, after I link up with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching, I am going to fortify myself with more coffee, turn on that bright light, put on my drug store purchased 3.25 magnification glasses and get to work taking out those stitches so that I can turn that unit around and sew it back in place again......


  1. Oh bother is right! I’m glad we caught it before the border was sewn to the mother ship! I’m sure you are thankful for that Ott light!

  2. Good you two caught it before it was permanently added to the quilt!

  3. Oh don't you hate when that happens. Thankfully you have great light and magnifiers. Your luck was with you as it was caught before you attached it!

  4. I can imagine some of the words you used! Shame but on a positive it was picked up quickly. 😁

  5. I use 2.50 drug store glasses for my stitching. But then, I haven't actually started any EPP yet.

  6. Those are some of my most often uttered "Oh bother" words too... Glad you caught it when you did! I know you probably wouldn't have another relaxing stitching session if you didn't correct it.

  7. Sew sorry. I've done the same thing with paper piecing. Never fun. Yes, I say wordy dirds, too, when that happens.


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