Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 19 November 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

Last week at this time I was unstitching a goof. This week, the goof is fixed and continuing progress has been made on the first of the border #4 for Leo’s Mane. I have 7 of the 8 units needed for this side of the border sewn together, and all the tiny side triangles added to it. So instead of an “oh bother" from Winnie the Pooh I can have a happy dancing Walt Disney designed
Winnie the Pooh. I don’t really know why this particular character is stuck in my brain these days, but there it is......
I suppose it’s because there have been a few other instances this week that have caused me to say the “oh bother” phrase, so it’s kinda stuck.

It’s cold and blowy and snowy outside today, so it’s a good day to stay inside and do some hand stitching. I love how my hands can be busy doing one thing, while my brain can be busy doing something else entirely, even if that is the cause of the occasional goof when my brain isn’t paying attention to what my hands are doing.  (grin) So, today I have a bunch of things I want to do. I started an honeycomb pillow using 1 inch honeycombs a week or two back.  I want to get it sewn down to a background square. Then, I want to finish sewing the white edges of my small version of Willyne Hammerstein’s Creme Brûlée to the dark borders. One of the corners of the dark border wasn’t laying flat the last time I worked on it, so I had to take it apart and re-mitre the corner.

 I want to start another variation of the honeycomb pillow, doing a different arrangement of the colours. And then of course, more on Leo, at which point I’ll have to re-engage my brain.
I have no idea how far I’ll get on this list today, but I’m going to enjoy the process. I think I will start with the one that is closest to being finished, which is the Creme Brûlée variation and then go to the pillow and finally back to Leo.
I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching and then it’s on to the stitching marathon.


  1. I'm glad to see Winnie is doing a happy dance this week! Just heading down to the sewing room now to work on some Christmas gifts. Your projects look lovely!

  2. I love all three of your projects, especially the honeycomb wreath. Wow! Do link up with Sarah did it! It's time for hexie-alcoholics to link up.

  3. You have some great projects. Whichever one you choose to work on will make for a pleasant afternoon.

  4. Very interesting EPP shapes. My favorite is Creme Brulee. It looks difficult.

  5. I love the pattern the EPP shapes are making, it is very effective.

  6. The honeycomb pillow is going to be wonderful! You have so many great projects underway.

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  8. Some awesome projects you have going! I'm sure they will turn out so lovely! Thank you for sharing!


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