Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Saturday 30 September 2017

Leo’s Mane Second Step

It’s time for the second step of Leo’s Mane.

Centre Stars

The centre section of Leo’s Mane requires 16 star units as shown in the photo.
These require 64 of the centre kite papers. Using your preferred method, baste your fabrics to the papers. Sew them together into the configuration shown in the photo.

Putting the Stars and Diamonds Together

Now it’s time to put the stars and the diamonds together. Arrange the stars, making sure that the colours of the points come together in the centre. A finished single star/diamond unit will look like the photo below.
Sew a diamond unit in between a pair of stars, as shown below. Make 8 of these.
Place two diamond units in between two pairs of star/diamond units and sew together, as shown below.
Make a total of four finished star/diamond units.

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