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Sunday 10 July 2016

Sunday Stash and Stitching Report

It was another glorious summer day here today. A perfect chance to sit out in the relative quiet of the back yard and stitch on my hand project. Relative quiet because there’s always the noise of the neighbourhood air conditioners running. I finally came in about an hour ago because I wasn’t fussy about the neighbours choice of back yard music. But that’s OK, I needed to sit down and figure out my stash numbers and write up this report.
I have decided that this wall hanging is done. I had played around with the idea, suggested by someone last week, of adding in a few smaller hexie flowers in the open background areas in the corners. I made up a couple today, put them in place, immediately said “yuck” and took them back out again. I am declaring it finished as it is now. I’ll fill in the background areas with some quilting, to give it a bit more punch.
I haven’t quite decided what is next after this. So, in order to fill in time until I do, I’m going to make up some hexagon flowers and turn them into pin cushions. We’re looking for articles to sell at the member’s boutique for our upcoming quilt show. I haven’t any pictures of the pin cushions, since I only have 2 hexagon flowers made so far.
I did some major stash addition this past week. I have a new quilt all planned out in Electric Quilt, one that will eventually be published, I hope. I normally make my quilts from stash that I have available here at home, with maybe the small addition as necessary. But this quilt just came to life for me while I was designing it, and it is living in colours that I don’t have a lot of. Hence the purchase of these fabrics. It added a whopping 13 yards to my in numbers.
Used this week:                            1.5 yards
Used this year:                         38.85 yards
Added this week:                           13 yards
Added this year:                        45.45 yards
Net stash added:                            8.6 yards

A couple of quilt backs should get me back into positive numbers again. And I am hoping to get some  more of my quilts backed and into the line up soon. I’m linking up to Judy’s Stash Report and Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching. Then it might be time for some Netflix and some knitting.


  1. Your wallhanging is wonderful... I love the movement of the various blocks!
    Hope you had some relaxing stitching time today!

  2. I love your wall hanging! Your color choice is beautifully courageous! Inspirational!


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