Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Charlene's Scrappy Hexie Flowers

Charlene has this thing about making hexagons. She's always making them, and will put them into a wide variety of quilts. And I really like the effect it makes. They work really well in the place of any kind of pieced block, or even appliqué. This is a quilt that she made for one of her grand daughters. Charlene's instructions when she dropped it off were to do "something simple". This is my version of simple..... and really, it was. It started off with putting petals into the hexagons, and then echoing around the hexagons. The rest of the quilting took off from there. There are large roses in the floral fabrics, so the rest of the quilt got a variety of large scale rose floral type quilting. It was fast, and fun to do.


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