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Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Big 6 0......

I don't normally pay attention to my birthday. I usually like to ignore them and pretend that I'm not getting any older. This one is kinda hard to ignore, though. Today, I turned 60. Scott started the day off with bringing me a coffee in bed, and, once my eyes were open enough to be able to see, he gave me a lovely fat quarter bundle of Stonehenge fabrics and a new book to read. That was a lovely start to the day.  The rest of the family chimed in with lots of happy birthdays, including a skyped message from 3 year old Avery singing happy birthday. Then, as a gift to myself, I gave myself permission to start a new project. And, I even took my own advice from a week or so ago, and made it an easy one.
I started a Blooming Nine patch. Teresa, over at A Quilt and a Prayer has been working on one, and I've been watching it grow, and thinking that I'd like to do one too. So, I started out today pulling all kinds of fabrics, using only stash, trying to come up with a combination that would work, The hard part was finding combinations that had enough fabric for the various levels. I think I finally came up with one.
This is what I have, so far. During the selection process, the quilt decided that it would be for a little girl. I'll take pictures of it as it grows. The colours are a little brighter than what shows here. It was starting to get dark when I took this picture, so it's a bit on the grey side.
I also treated myself to a change in sewing rooms for the day. It was warm and lovely, with just a gentle breeze outside, so I took a table and my sewing machine outside into the yard. Nothing better than a sewing room with a nice view, a nice breeze, and the sound of the birds singing and the leaves moving in the breeze. Absolute bliss!
And now, I think I'll start that new book.


  1. Happy Birthday Cathy. Sounds like you have had a nice day.

  2. Happy birthday Cathy. It is always so much fun to start a new quilt!

  3. Oh that is really pretty!! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday celebration!! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a perfect day-family,reading and sewing-

  5. O happy day! Wishing you a most wonderful birthday with your family Cathy!


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