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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Customer quilts

Here's another installment of my still very far behind, documentation of the quilts I've been doing for my customers. It's a good thing that I get the quilting done on them a lot faster than I get the writing about them done.
These quilts all belong to Amalia. She is a very prolific piecer. The variety in the fabrics she's used from quilt to quilt is quite fun. I am really drawn to the colours in this first one. Something about just using variations of one colour, and in solids, is very graphic and appealing. I've never made anything even remotely like this, But because of doing work for others, I get to play with it, without having to make it. It is quilted using the Square Spiral pantograph by Keryn Emmerson. The strong diagonal of the quilting fits quite well with the strong horizontals and verticals of the piecing.
 This next one is made of a bunch of lovely florals, pieced in large sections, which gives the fabrics a wonderful opportunity to shine. The addition of the pieced hearts is so much fun. It was lovely to look at the floral fabrics as the snow kept piling up outside.
 I quilted it with a free hand floral. The hearts are outlined, and then echoed inside the hearts.
 Here's her spinning four patch. She made a wonderful fabric choice here. I really like the blues and greens against the black.
I quilted a spiral feather inside inside each of the blocks, with the feathers extending out into the sashes. The spiraling of the feathers increases the motion that already exists in the blocks. These were so much fun to do.

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