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Saturday 26 October 2013

Saturday ramblings.

Our guild, the London Friendship Quilters' Guild, does place mats for Meals on Wheels every year at Christmas. Usually, the individual members make whatever pattern and colours they want, and bring them to the December meeting for labeling and delivery to Meals on Wheels. This year the program committee, on which I am serving this year, has issued a challenge to make the place mats a bit more interesting and fun to make. We purchased some cards from J. Lee Cards and Photograph, (unfortunately, she doesn't have a website), and then had the guild members who wished to participate draw a card from the bag, and then challenged them to make their place mats from the colours found in their cards. This picture to the right here is the card that I drew from the bag.
 And these are the fabrics that I have pulled that I think cover pretty much all the colours in the card. I have my design for the place mat all figured out. All I need to do is start cutting for it.
All of us participating will bring our cards and finished place mats to the December meeting and display them together to have the fun of seeing how everyone interpreted the colours in their cards.
 And then the other day, Thursday I think, I got a text message from Gail asking if I had seen the block of the month being sponsored by Mad About Patchwork pictured here on the blog for the Mad About Patchwork store. I hadn't seen it, so I went to look at it. Big mistake, since I have now decided that I have to do it. And Gail wants to do it, so we'll work on it together. I loved it so much that I had to play with pulling some fabrics. This one to the right here is the starting point.
And these are all the fabrics that I found that might work with it. It will be fined tuned some more before the final choices are made. And there are a couple more projects that have to be finished before I start anything new. Definitely the Great Granny Square quilt is going to be finished before starting this. The place mat has to be finished before starting this, and maybe the Thanksgiving Leaves will get finished as well. And, in order to stay with the intent to continue with finishing things before starting anything new, I'm now going to go sew some more on Great Granny. All of her border blocks are now finished, so I can get to work on putting her all together.

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