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Saturday 14 September 2013

Saturday News...

I had a really fun day today. I had planned on sewing all day today, and that's exactly what I did. But instead of sewing here all by myself, I went over to Gail's. For someone who, just a couple of years ago, was a solitary quilter, I'm turning into quite the social butterfly. My portable sewing room, aka laundry basket, was still mostly packed from the last time I was over at Gail's, so I just grabbed it and my sewing machine, and off I went. I've been working on Lazy Sunday Mystery, and I can now say that the center of the quilt top is finished. It involved a lot of getting sections turned wrong, and ripping, blocks turned wrong, and ripping, blocks in the wrong spot, and ripping, (I hate days like that), but it is now finally done. Next step... the borders. It would make sense to keep going and get the borders finished and sewn onto it, now that I've gotten this far, wouldn't it? I wonder if I will.... This makes 2 quilt tops that I now have ready and waiting for their borders.

And I have to share something about my husband, something really good. For years he's been saying that he wants to paint, but while he was working, he just didn't have the time, or the energy, or the mind set to be able to do it. Then, shortly after he finished working, we got involved in the renovations for our apartment, and then the packing and getting our other house ready to sell. Then there was the moving, and unpacking, and settling in, and finishing up the details around here. Well, a couple of months ago, he finally decided that it was time, he was ready to start what he's wanted to do for so long, with FABULOUS results.

 Here he is sitting in front of a project that he is working on for Matt and Becca for their living room. He is so talented, and I'm so proud of him, and so happy for him that he is spending his days doing something he loves. There is a lot of elements that he still wants to put into this painting. This is a commission by Matt and Becca who wanted a painting that they could look at and go to their get away place in their imaginations. There is going to be a cabin, and a dock, and a canoe in it somewhere.

And then, there is my talented son, who is a carpenter. He sent me some pictures of some podiums the theater he works for asked him to build. I'm blowing my family's horn tonight. I wish I had kept the picture of a theater set he built last year. I don't know what play it was for, but it involved 3 separate floors that were shaped like clockwork cogs, that rotated and the gears all went into the other. I have an idea in the back of my head to design the perfect sewing table/cutting table/ironing area designed for quilters, custom fitted for their height, and then he could build them and sell them. But he'd have to have his own place and work shop for that, so that would be a while in the future yet. Anyway, that's it for anything new around here. I have a few customer quilts to show, but they deserve their own posts, so I'll do that later this week, Tuesday maybe.


  1. I loved seeing your husband's and son's works! I am amazed by both their talents! Hope you get that quilter's table designed...in about four years I will be ready for a new table in my sewing studio!

  2. You have a very talented family!

  3. wonderful work by both your husband and son! and your quilt top it great too! Hate days that require as much ripping at sewing but this top looks worth it. Maybe you and your friend need another day and it could be your 'border' day!
    Oh and I love the idea of toting stuff in a laundry basket---clever girl!!!

  4. So wonderful that you are having social butterfly sewing time...it's just the best for the creative soul! And from this post, your entire family are creative souls...wow! You are surrounded by great energy for quilting!

  5. Sew much creativity and talent in your family.


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