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Sunday 4 August 2013

Stash Report, Week 31, 2013

The latest issue of Quiltmaker came out a couple of days ago, with the final installment of the Lazy Sunday Mystery, and I had to pick one up so I could see the final result. I love it! I got out all my fabrics yesterday and cut everything I need to get it finished. So there are more subtractions from the stash, including some of the neutrals that were in my last very large fabric delivery. Good thing I got them, because I'd used up most of what I had getting this mystery quilt to the stage it is at.

Used this week:                                       2.3 yards
Used this year:                                      91.3 yards
Added this week:                                       0 yards
Added this year:                                  160.75 yards
Balance:                                                 69.45 more yards in than out.

I've done some slow stitching today, too. It's a perfect day for sitting outside and enjoying the sun. In fact, when the sun goes behind the clouds, it's almost too cool out.
This is my second to last block for the Grandmother's Choice block of the week. I've been doing hand applique for this one, and there are only 2 of the blue leaves left, and I can call this one done. The last block was posted yesterday, and I have it halfway done. This might actually be a finished quilt this week. Woohoo!!
I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report and Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.  And now, I'm going to finish up this block, and the next, and maybe sew the whole thing together.


  1. Lovely block. Grandmother's Choice has a lot of blocks.

  2. Beautiful job. That is my last block to do for the 49 block sew along. I can't wait to put it together.

  3. Cute block, love Bonnie Hunter's quilts. She is so talented!

  4. So beautiful... you are great at applique... those oak leaves are hard! Thanks for linking up!

  5. really nice applique work and i love the fussy cut center of this block~!



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