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Sunday 29 July 2012

Stash and Sunday Stitching Report

I managed to get a lot done this past week on Noel's stocking for this coming Christmas. All that is left to do on it is the small toys that are dimensional.

These are turning out to be so much fun to do. I'm glad I saw This post of Debbie's  where she reveals her Christmas stocking collection. It got my brain working, and inspired to do some of my own. Although there is no way I'll end up with as many as she has. But I should be able to meet my goal of having 4 of them done, plus the ornaments.

And then there is the stash report.  Not mush use to report this past week, since most of what I'm using has been already counted as cut. But my in numbers have gone up, which was a lot of fun.

Used this week:                                           .4 yards
Used this year:                                         62.5 yards
Purchased this week:                                    8 yards
Purchased this year:                              117.25 yards
Balance:                                                  54.75 more yards in than out. And this number is going to go up even more in the next week or so, once an order from Thousands of Bolts comes in. It started out as an order for some backing, and sort of grew from there into an order full of Autumn themed colours. There is a colour that I see every year in farmer's fields, that wonderful gold colour of ripening wheat and hay. I have always wanted to do a quilt using that colour, and I think this may be the year for it. That wonderful gold colour as the background for lots of wonderful leaves. I'll take pics when they come. I'm linking up to Judy Laquidara's Stash report and Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Wow is that every a cute sock. It sure does look like 3D.

  2. I know where this week's fabric came from...

  3. Great progress! Cute little bear on the toe :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. cute christmas stocking! are all four going to be the same design?

  5. So cute! July is just the right time to work on Christmas, plenty of time to finish without rushing.

  6. Thanks for linking to my blog...I'm happy to take the blame/credit! I didn't get any work done on mine this week. I am going to take many of these kits to Paris...I have high hopes of making a huge dent in my stash of Bucilla kits during those five years! It's much harder to decided what to take for quilting projects.


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