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Sunday 15 May 2011

Stash report Week 20

We are still waiting on our grandson to decide that he is going to make an appearance. The OB doctor tried an induction last week, that didn't work, so they sent her home. Quite the roller coaster ride those few days were. LOL. More so for Laurie than for us. There is going to be another attempt at induction starting tonight, so we will all be praying that this time works. I'll be calling Noel on Monday morning, and depending on what he says, we'll be heading up to the hospital to wait for this little boy to be born. While I've been impatiently waiting, (although there is no possible way I could be more anxious and impatient for this baby to be born than Laurie is, poor girl), I've decided I would play before going in to work. I've done a lot of cutting and sewing of strips for the Bear Tracks quilts, and have finally cracked the 60 yards used mark. Depending on the news tomorrow, there might, or might not, be a picture for design wall Monday.

So, on to the numbers:

Fabric used this week:                3.1 yards
Fabric used this year:                 61.9 yards
Fabric purchased this week:        0 yards
Fabric purchased this year:         95.5 yards
Balance:                                      +33.6 yards

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  1. Congrats on crackin' 60yrds - and hopefully all goes well with yor future grand son!

  2. I didn't know that when they induced it could fail and then they just send you home!!??? Hopefully your grandson will arrive tonight safe and sound.

    Great job getting past the 60 yd mark.


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