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Wednesday 18 May 2011

More pictures of Avery, our Grandson......

Three generations, mother, son Noel, and grandson Avery

Wow, does that ever sound good...... Grandson. And to be able to say it about an actual person, who is here, rather than expected, is even better. Yes, I know, everyone who is a grandparent has told me how fabulous it is. But it is another one of those things that has to be experienced, to really know. Laurie and Noel have been fabulous with him, relaxed, as if they've been doing this forever, rather than it being their first child. So far, he is an extremely mellow baby, and we are all hoping and praying that he remains that way once he comes home.  And, how can I talk about our grandson, without pictures. It is a guarantee that I am going to drive everyone absolutely nuts, and have a fabulous time doing it. LOL. I don't have any pictures of Laurie with him, though. A situation that I am going to have to change, maybe tomorrow before we head back home. Now that is going to be difficult. We'll be back in a little over a week, to spend a week camping at a park that is only 10 minutes away from them. And our work schedules have a 4 day weekend once a month, that we can use to come and visit. But it is going to be difficult to be that far away from them. Babies change so much, so fast, and we'll miss big chunks of it. But, I am grateful that he is here, that he is healthy, and that they are only 4 hours away, not 4 days away, on the other side of the country. That would be one way to guarantee that we would finally get on to an airplane. LOL
Proud father

Proud Grampy
Edit: I do have a picture of Laurie with the baby. Here she is, the beautiful mother:


  1. Cathy, he's so darling -- oh my goodness. He's just beautiful! :)

  2. What wonderful pictures you've already been able to get. he is truly beautiful. Lucky you being only 4 hours away. Guess it's time to start saving for all that gasoline you are going to use. :)

  3. Lovely pictures - memories in the making!

  4. Awwww, Gramma! Daddy looks so darn sweet! You are a fabulous Gramma! Brag away. :)

  5. Very exciting...Congratulations!


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