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Wednesday 6 October 2010

October Goals.

I really liked the feeling of accomplishment that came from writing down goals, and getting all but one done, back in September. So, I'm going to try it again. Most of them are going to relate to getting some quilts finished.

1. Quilt Charlene's tree skirts October 19
2 Make pies and stuffing for thanksgiving weekend  done, October 9th
3. Go to Collingwood for the weekend done October 9 & 10
4. Quilt Charlene's bed quilt
5. Quilt Evelyn's cross stitch quilt.
6. Start on Christmas gifts. (can't list them, they're secret!)
7. Finish Double Duty, brought forward from September October 16
8. Finish 3rd Cactus Rose block, and start the 4th done October 11
9. Do September and October blocks for Shannon's BOM done October 14
10. Do October embroidery for Raggedy BOM
11. Do unit 3's for Pineapple quilt-a-long done October 13

We're going up to Collingwood, to Noel and Laurie's for Thanksgiving this weekend, so I'm going to work on October's Raggedy Redwork embroidery in the car on the way there and back home. And, I'll take either Cactus Rose, or my basket, to work on while we're there. Oh yes, there is the stuffing to make, and some pies to do on Friday. Hmmmmm, 11's a good  number, for goals to do. Any more, and it might get overwhelming, so I'll stop there, and see how it goes. Now, to get started, and get those tree skirts loaded, which is quite the challenge, because of their odd shape. I haven't quite totally figured out how I'm going to do it yet. Probably float them, with lots of pins.


  1. mmm... can't wait for the pies!

  2. Hope you are feeling better.....you have a busy month planned for yourself. Mmmmmmmm Pie!


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