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Tuesday 19 October 2010


Looking back at my post from October 6 about my goals for the month, most of them are done. I finished of Charlene's tree skirts today, and the Double Duty quilt, by Rosie's Quilt Co. a couple of days ago. All that's left on that list are Charlene's bed quilt, which is going on the machine today, and Evelyn's cross stitch quilt. The Christmas gifts are started, and one of them is almost finished. So, I am giving myself a reward, and am going to participate in Judy's mystery quilt After I get Charlene's quilt onto the machine, I'm going to shop my stash, get the fabrics needed, and start cutting for clue # 1 Charlene is coming to pick up her tree skirts tonight,but, other than that, the evening is mine. Scott's at work for 3-11, I've just had my supper of Swiss Chalet chicken, delivered after being ordered on-line. So, I'm all fueled up, and ready to go. I do have a pic of the tree skirt, but I'm having trouble with uploading it onto blogger, so I guess it will have to wait to another time.

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