Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 27 April 2010


It's, as usual, taking me longer to get around to writing, and posting the pics. I have this terrible habit of overestimating exactly how much I can get done in the course of a day. But, I do have the lace sewn onto the veil, and all the beading done. I took it to work with me over the weekend, and worked on it over my supper, and coffee breaks. Two more hours this afternoon, while hubby had a nap, finished it off. It is hard to see in the picture, but there are beads all around the edge of the lace, as well as in the centre of the scalloped edges. The fabric is also a lot more sheer than the picture shows, but the light of the flash kind of bounced of the fabric, making it look opaque. Then, it was time to go through my cookbooks, and figure out what we needed for groceries, and then to go out and get the groceries. Next to doing laundry, I think grocery shopping has to be my least favourite thing to do. By the time the stuff gets put away into the cupboards, or wherever, it has been handled how many times? My wonderful husband, Scott, is usually the one who does the grocery shopping, but I had specific things I wanted this time around. I'm hoping to lose 5 more pounds before June 12, so it's back onto the weight watchers menus. I have a really good cookbook of theirs that I have used a lot in the past, with success, so I'll try for more.

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