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Monday 12 April 2010

Design wall Monday April 12

I've been working on one of Judy Laquidara's quilt for an hour projects, "Freeze Frame", for the past week. It's all pieced, and just needs the plain borders sewn on. I'm happy with, both her instructions, and the way it looks. I liked the colours she used in her version, so I've sort of kept to the same, especially the yellow. And it is all stash fabric. I'd love to sit down and finish it, right now, but, I HAVE to get the last bridesmaid dress at least to the final pattern stage today. After that, I'l probably reward myself with some quilting. I really do have to figure out how to put links in these posts too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi Cathy, love your version of Freezer Frame quilt.
    For the links let's see if I can explain...it is very simple. When you are writing the new message text,look up at the tools there appears a button with the word LINK. If you select the word in which you want to add the link and click on that button, it will open a new small window for you to type or to copy and paste the web address you wants to work as a link there.
    good luck! hugs

  2. Love your freeze frame quilt, very pretty.

    kathie L in maryland

  3. the quilt is looking excellent-love your fabrics and so cool that it's all from your stash!
    Just to add to Ivani's help with linking. I open my server twice. In one I have my blog an the post I'm writing the 2nd I use to go to the address of what I want to link. (sometimes I have to google to find the co website) then copy the web address and go back to your blog post and follow Ivani's instructions to add it in. Paste the web address in the URL space and above it type in the word that you want to show up in your blog. email me if you need more info. I went to the blogger page and printed out their instructions to learn it-and it took a couple tries.--you'll get it.

  4. Very pretty, Cathy--you've done such a great job with this! :)

  5. I love that pattern and your choice of fabrics is very nice. I've just bought Judy's latest book and it's sitting there enticing me. Now seeing your quilt.... Oh gosh I just have to finish what I've already started!!


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