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Sunday 27 December 2020

Slow Stitching

 I have finished all the knitting I wanted to get done for Christmas and they were gifted Christmas morning. The last stitches were put into Becca’s mittens at 10:30 pm Christmas Eve. Nothing like finishing at the last minute. She loved them.

So I’m back now to my regular knitting and stitching with a new addition. Gail, aka the Cozy Quilter, was showing me some of the embroidery her daughter has been doing and also Gail has a new cross stitch pattern from the shop Peppermint Purple. I decided to go have a look. Oh dear..... that was a mistake which has led to the addition of a new stitchery project. I picked the Mandala Millefiori Stitch Along. I went to the store Stitch It Central here in the city on Tuesday and picked up the supplies I needed for it. I got a very small start on it a couple of nights ago. I used to do cross stitch all  the time, before quilting took over my life. I’m slowly getting into other things besides quilting lately. I did a little bit on my Noah’s Journey, block 5 as well. The bunnies are done except for their eyes and noses and some of the grass is done as well. There is still quite a way to go on this one. And then there is my The Night Forest sweater. I’m well into the colour work around the bottom, so this shouldn’t take much longer to get the body done and then start on the sleeves. With our province being back in lock down until the end of January, there will be lots of time to get lots of hand work done.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. I’m such a bad influence on you!!!! Your new cross stitch is off to a good start. Glad you got B’s mitts done in time too. Talk soon

  2. The sweather is just turning out so pretty, awesome knitting.


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